Youtube is Awesome!

So yeah, Youtube is pretty awesome as a support group for illness and carers, even the doomy gloomy videos, all these people are real, honest, supportive and so very brave for sharing their stories with the world and I completely understand that you cant always be upbeat and happy go lucky when a sickness is kicking your ass!!

I am honoured to have been asked to be part of a collaborative channel called The Love Pharmacy which is a Youtube channel for people with illness and carers to share their stories. So I am currently recording my intros and hopefully there will be some videos up very soon both on Irish Dysautonomia Awareness and The Love Pharmacy Channels.

Be sure to check them out, subscribe and leave comments, theres a good bunch of people on there, one of which did a big shoutout for Irish Dysautonomia!! 😀

Thank you debradebbiedeb!