Fainting Goat Store!

You can now spread the awareness through The Fainting Goat Store with your very own Irish Dysautonomia Awareness and Fainting Goat Merchandise. Available in Teeshirts, Badges, Phone covers, Bags, Water Bottles, Mugs and More! Please check it out.

To view products available in the shop, please click on this image 🙂 If you have any special requests for anything you would like to see available, please let me know here 🙂

The Fainting Goat Store

**Please note: This site is not a recognized charity, this is for awareness raising only. 

4 thoughts on “Fainting Goat Store!

  1. Great good luck for your future, Fainting goat !My darling 20 year ols daughter has just been diagnosed with rotten POTS too and , like you is having to think about her future . Positive, honest blogs such as yours are life enhancing and its so good to know that people are making their way. Live long and prosper… Spock is so right x

    • HAHA he was indeed (Love Spock!) I am sorry to hear your daughter has been diagnosed but there are tones of positives and plenty of support, if she needs anything or has any questions, I would be delighted to try and answer them if I can 🙂 thank you so much for popping by 🙂 Lette 🙂

  2. Heya! I’m so happy. I can’t believe how much. I’m in hospital in Cork. I’ve been fainting everyday last week. I would love to meet you or stay in touch with you via email? Please. My cardiologist mention something about the consultation in London. But I m just coming back to normal after this horrible week and I don’t know the details. Who where etc. I do not have my diagnose yet but for now they say might be POTS. I’m fainting two and a half years already. I need to get my answers. Dorota – Fainting Goat : )

    • Dorota, you are always welcome to keep in touch via email or on here, I will be glad to give you my own experiences if they help at all, I am not a doctor, only a fellow patient, but I am so sorry to hear you are going through such a hard time at the moment, may I ask what doctor you are seeing, have they mentioned sending you to London?? my email here is irishpotsies@gmail.com, feel free to get in touch at any time, Lette (Fainting Goat)

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