Pain in the butt!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a little while, remember the last time I mentioned I had lost motivation to do stuff? … yeah, that hasn’t changed much!

Well, actually it kinda has, I am delighted to say I have started a little personal project, I wont mention what just yet in case it doesn’t go according to plan, but it gives me something to concentrate on in the evenings when I am idle and I enjoy it 🙂 Besides that, I have just been in pain!

Hydro/physio has become a problem in that, I will be able to do the exercises asked of me in the session, but then I am wasted and in terrible pain for a week after, literally being barely able to move no faster than a sloths pace!

I like sloths and all, but in fairness, I need to be able to function. The last two sessions of hydro/physio has left me in bits to the point where I am fit for nothing else other than sitting very still and groaning occasionally from the corner of the couch, which I have begun to call my nest, I spend so much time there now when I am not doing my exercises!

However, the pain I have felt in the last couple of weeks has set me backwards in the progress I have made. I need assistance with everything when the pain is at its worst, when I can usually do the basics by myself, but not when I get like this.

I had to take a visit to my GP it got so bad and he increased my amount of pain meds to take, now it seems every time I attempt a simple transfer from the chair to the couch or whatever, I am left yelping and its pissing me right off!

When I was discharged from my last hospital admission, on the discharge letter it said that I would be seen by the pain management team as an outpatient and that an appointment would be sent.

No appointment has yet arrived so I decided to chase it up to see if there was one happening. I ring the hospital and get transferred to the pain management clinic secretary, explain the situation to her and she looks up the computer to say that no communication from the ward that I was on to them had happened and as such no appointment had yet been made… 3 months later! I had to ring the ward, explain the situation and get them to hurry up and make an appointment that should have been made back in September! I am getting so sick of the HSE and the way they treat their public patients.

Anyhow, that is only now being chased up, so hopefully I will soon finally get that appointment from the pain team and will get the treatment I need from them, which will hopefully help to keep this pain under more control and in turn I may be in less pain after physio!

Other than that, no other news or scandal, I have stuck stickers to my wheelchair… I know right, I am 4 years old at times but hey, it looked dull and now it… has stickers on it! :p

I wish someplace would do parts for wheelchairs so that you could change your wheels, change your foot and arm rests, Loads of Hardware and colour options, fabric covers for your cushions, colourdy castors etc. Things to spruce up and customise your wheels, as of yet there is no one place/site that offers any of this at a reasonable price or otherwise. I think there could be a market for it, do you?