Doing Well These Days!

Finally feeling good after a rough Christmas, here is a video I did last week when I finally got out of the house for a walk through The Clare Glens near our home, it was wonderful to get out for a change and I have managed more days out and some of them even included work days, so YEAY!!! Lets hope this continues, but as we all know with Dysautonomia, you take each day as it comes so I am just enjoying this while I can 🙂 Please tell me how you guys are doing and if there are any questions, please just ask here or over on the other Irish Dysautonomia Awareness links on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube!

A Fainting Goat Merchandise fund raising shop will be up and running very soon too, here is a quick pic of some of what will be on offer, there will be Womens and Mens apparel available in a wide variety of colours and sizes with high quality printing on both front and back as well as bags, hats and teddies! All profits on all items will go straight to fundraising and donated to a charitable cause related to Dysautonomia.

Fainting Goat Fund Raising Shop