Lets Try This Again Shall We?!

Due to unforeseen circumstances this Sunday night/Monday morning at about 01:30am, I started vomiting pretty hard and brought up quite an amount of blood with a horrendous lot of pain, Obviously The hubby and I were very worried and decided to ring the ambulance where I recieved lots of Morphine (*Overly happy girly voice: Which was awesome!!) and got treated in hospital, luckily it was nothing too serious just the getting sick and acid from my stomach had damaged my esophagus pretty bad that I started to bleed. So once I was given treatment and some IV fluids I was allowed to return home thankfully, I couldnt handle another stay in hospital!

Im am doing better now, just a bit sore in my throat and chest as the full length of my esophagus is pretty raw and I have to eat all soft foods which means I’m not getting full calories and making me even more tired than usual, but im good, remember (This one’s for MissNikkiAnn) NO DOOM & GLOOM!! :p

Either way, I had to cancel the radio interview for Monday morning or they would have had to call another 2 ambulance’s  to the radio station, one for me again and one for the poor DJ who would have had a small heart attack because of me!! :p

Thankfully, Lou and Wired FM were very understanding and they have rescheduled the show to this coming Monday the 5th December. So here are the updated details for the show as long as my Dysautonomia (I should probably give it a name at this stage) decides to behave itself and doesnt kick my ass again next week!!

Listen in to WiredFM , where I will be speaking to the lovely Lou M. Dennehy, spreading the word about Irish Dysautonomia Awareness. Its next Monday the 5th of December, live on air from 12 to 12:30pm Irish time. It streams live ‘Here‘ and will also be available for download and listening to from Soundcloud after the show. Ill add all relevant links here anyhow.

Thanks Lou for asking me to come on the show, I am delighted to have this opportunity to speak about the cause and hope to do us potsies proud! 🙂

I am going to record the show as it happnens so I will upload the video here after it happens, hopefully everything will turn out good!

Chat soon and remember if anyone would like to get involved in the blog or the Youtube channel, just drop me a line at: irishpotsies@gmail.com, All welcome, its not just for the Irish 😉

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